The TIG P 201 DC Pulse is a portable, powerful and versatile welding machine. This unit is capable of either DC TIG welding (stainless and mild steel) or Stick Welding. The professional pulse features of the machine combined with its HF start make it ideal for welders looking to perform high quality TIG welds even on very thin steel with no distortion.


  • High frequency (HF) for start.
  • Input voltage 240V (+10% – 15%) or 120V (+10% – 15%).
  • Tested in 104°F/40°C, designed for the toughest conditions.
  • Digital control of all welding parameters.
  • Amperage control is accessible by both foot pedal and fingertip controls on torch body.
  • Pulse TIG welding allows for better arc control, and reduces workpiece deformation.
  • Ideal for welding thin materials.
  • Excellent welding characteristics when Stick welding with any type of rods.
  • Ability to use leads up to 165 feet (50 meters) without any power loss at the weld.
  • Digital adjustment of pre-gas, base current, welding current, slope up, pulse parameters, slope down and post-gas with digital display.
  • Arc Force automatically selects the best welding arc dynamics.
  • Visual welding current pre-setting ability.
  • Fan cooled and thermally protected against overheating.
  • Metal face panel.
  • Generator compatible.
  • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty.


  • Aerospace Industries
  • Automotive Parts and Bodies
  • Medical Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Light Fabrication
  • Metal Building
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Installation, Repair or Maintenance, Plumbing & HVAC
  • Civil Construction & Roofing
  • Farms and Training School

Accessories (Included)

  • TIG welding torch
  • Belt
  • Electrode holder with cable and welding connectors
  • Earth clamp with cable and welding connectors
  • Bag for the machine and accessories

Optional Accessories

  • Gas regulator
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet