MiniTIG 201 DC with analogue control represents the very latest evolution in direct current with INVERTER technology, this powerful generator, based on the latest generation IGBT, makes it possible to weld all kinds of metal except for aluminum, magnesium and their alloys. It`s perfect for welding stainless steel as well as electrode welding, with its lightness and compactness and excellent welding characteristics. It is ideal to apply for maintenance, erection and light steel structural works.


  • Precise and efficient TIG arc striking by very high frequency system
  • High performance on thin metal sheets
  • 2 stroke / 4 stroke
  • Down slope adjustment
  • Ability to work within the range of +15% -20% variation in main voltage
  • Low energy consumption and high efficiency
  • Innovative and compact design
  • Facility in compensation of fluctuation of welding current
  • Control panel protected against accidental impact
  • Sloping front control panel, easy to read and adjust and highly visible from any direction
  • Reduced weight and dimensions, easy-to-carry
  • The generator also conforms to all European Union standards and directives
  • Designed according to International Standards CE, IEC, ISO

Accessories (Included)

  • Welding cable including earth clip
  • TIG torch

Optional Accessories

  • Electrode holder and welding cable
  • Argon regulator
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet