This Multi-Purpose cutting machine fulfil the requirements of wide range of applications. This economical and easy to use machine are excellent for straight-line, circular and bevel cutting. They have robust and portable trolly system designed for smooth, accurate and vibration free operation. There is no shock hazard due to its low 42V input power. This are the exclusive choice for all manufacturers even heavy industries. All clamps have a very robust and reliable construction and long life.


  • High power Italian made electromotor and gearbox even for extra heavy duty operations
  • No shock hazard due to 42V input
  • Unbreakable clamps and components
  • Large cutting capacity
  • Strengthened speed control system
  • Strong construction to ultra long life cycle
  • Proper stability in travelling
  • Supercut Quality, uniform smooth drive
  • Extra heavy duty and strong driving components
  • Clutch operated for easy setting and longer gear life cycle
  • Cutting steel plates along the straight-Line from 5mm to 350mm thickness, circular cutting from 320mm to 2800mm diameter, bevel cutting including V, X, Y, K forms.
  • Ability of manual guidance during cutting process
  • Fuse to protect electromotor against excess current
  • Power indicator LED
  • Ability to applying several gases like acetylene, Propane,…by changing nozzle
  • Reliable features: Compact structure, Easy in transporting, simple operation, Steadily speed, Low noise, Little quake, high efficiency, Smooth surface and high accuracy in cutting area…
  • Potentiometer for adjusting speed

Some other specifications
Applying two torches simultaneously together on one machine, Long sliding arm, jerk-free, fine adjustments, vertical sliding system, counterbalance facility, two meters galvanized guidance rail can be multiples by adding together, circular cutting attachments externally protected from heat transmission by means of two heat shields.


  • Guidance rail
  • Auxiliary transformer with connection cable

Optional Accessories

  • Longer radius-bar for cutting along circular directions having more than 2800 mm diameter
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet