Canaweld Stick welders, type 5001C is a powerful and compact inverter, which is easy to carry.
Canaweld Stickwelder machines are equipped with highest advanced components and the latest soft switch IGBT technology. The Power source provides excellent arc characteristics and is strongly recommended for the highest standard of applications with any kind of electrode.
The Stickwelder 5001 C ensures the stability of the welding parameters and with “fast dynamic characteristic” enabling quality results even with the most difficult cellulosic and basic electrodes. Canaweld Stickwelders also offer a TIG mode with “lift” mode arc striking. Stickwelder 5001 C is specially designed for working with Generators too. The function of Arc length control insures facility of tack welding in Stickwelder 5001 C.

Why Choose Canaweld’s Stick Welders?

  • Specially designed for harsh conditions, hot and scorching climate
  • Heavy-duty power source, Extremely rugged, reliable and easy-to-use
  • Excellent welding characteristics in Stick welding with any kind of electrodes, including cellulosic
  • Low energy consumption
  • High power at 100% Duty Cycle., tested in 104° and 140 ° Fahrenheit (40° and 60° Celsius)
  • Suitable to be used with mains cable lengths up to 330 feet (100 m).
  • Automatic compensation of main voltage fluctuations within +/- 20%
  • Pre-set of current on digital display, Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter
  • Possibility of activating the VRD function
  • Stability of adjusted welding parameters due to network voltage fluctuation, increasing cable length or welder.
  • Advanced inverter technology for superior arc performance and less spatter
  • Metallic main structure with shock-proof steel panels
  • IP protection class and dust-proof electronic components
  • Innovative airflow ducting for cooling system allows for operation in the toughest work environments
  • Adjustable HOT START to improve arc striking with the most difficult electrodes
  • Adjustable ARC FORCE to choose the best arc dynamic characteristics, especially for cellulosic electrodes
  • Special dynamic arc starting characteristic provides TIG arc starting, avoiding contamination of the welding pool by tungsten as well as increasing the life of tungsten electrode without using high frequency
  • Indicator for overload protection
  • Wireless remote control as option
  • Manufactured and tested according to international standards IEC 60974-1 as well as Canadian Standards CSA.
  • Variable arc length control for tack welding as well as welding without errors in all positions
  • Specially designed for working with generators
  • Three years Warranty


  • Heavy Duty job shop fabrication
  • Pipe Welding and oil and gas transmission pipelines
  • Shipyard and offshore application
  • Sheet metal industries
  • Oil and Gas, refineries and Petrochemical industries
  • Machinery construction Plants
  • Machine and apparatus construction
  • Building Sites
  • Railway Industries
  • Nuclear industries
  • Steel Construction
  • Repair and overhaul
  • Workshops
  • Generator Adaptor
  • Special designed, superior quality for cellulosic electrodes


  • Welding cable and ground clamp

Optional Accessories

  • Gas regulator
  • Welding TIG Torch
  • Gouging Torch
  • Remote Control
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet