This machine is suitable for high quality TIG DC Pulse welding of Stainless Steel, carbon steel and it’s alloys, copper and brass. Parameters can be controlled digitally and saved. It is also ideal for MMA process. This machines have been designed for working in heavy duty conditions specially hot climate. In addition, less energy consumption comparing to other machines in market and complying with IEC and CE International Standards and ISIRI endures longer life and safety. Nowadays there are lots of machines in the market which are similar to each other at a glance but really have great difference in material, design and quality control. They should be significantly resistant against fluctuations of network voltage while not affect on other devices. Performance in welding quality should be noted as well as decreasing weight and volume and input energy and PROTIG is the ideal machine.


  • Microprocessor control design and excellent pulse welding quality
  • Ability of changing characteristic and parameter of the machine by software even remote as customer required
  • Excellent welding of steel, stainless steel , nickel, copper, brass ….
  • Ability to weld in TIG DC By “HF” and “Lift Mode” striking
  • Pulse feature in TIG process
  • Digital adjustment of all the welding parameters, pre gas, base current, slop up, Pulse parameters , slop down, post gas
  • Digital display for presetting of welding parameters
  • Selection of TIG-HF, TIG-Lift and MMA process by a switch
  • Ability to select welding modes : 2T/ 4T
  • Ability of mode Cycle for pulse welding by non-professional welders
  • Ability to do Spot welding
  • Adjustment of pulse frequency up to 100Hz
  • MMA welding Ability for electrodes (with adjustable Arc force and hot start)
  • Simply Possibility of Storing and recalling 9 welding programs
  • Reduced weight and volume and easy transportation
  • Manufactured and tested according to IEC and CE and ISIRI
  • Warranty Period


  • Welding Cable including Earth Clamp
  • Air cooled or water cooled Torch
  • Cooling Unit
  • Carriage Type “BT” or “S”

Optional Accessories

  • Electrode Holder with Cable
  • Remote Control
  • Gas Regulator
  • Foot Pedal
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet