POWER – EL 201

This machine is the latest evolution in inverter technology generators for welding. The most advanced materials and components have been used to design and produce it.


  • Very easy striking, constant arc and very low electrical input
    from the main supply by the welder
  • High frequency power INVERTER with very latest type of IGBT
  • Stability of the inverter against current variations to weld
    with very long electric cables
  • Selector with 2 weld procedures:
    – Basic electrodes with “Hot Start” and ”Arc Force” device
    (Mini-EL 201)
    – TIG welding with thermal controlled (TCS) “lift”
    type striking reducing tungsten inclusions to a
    minimum and also allowing to weld on sharp edges
  • Using cam switch instead of push button and extra life for input
  • Anti-electric shock system in output voltage circuit to protect welder against electric hazards
  • Using 35-50 mm2 welding connector ensures the cable of other welding machines be connected to Mini EL 201(Cell)
  • The generator also complies with all European Union standards and directives in force
  • Designed according to international standards CE, IEC, ISO


  • Electrode holder 4mtr, earth clamp 3mtr. (high quality welding cable 25mm)

Optional Accessories

  • TIG Torch
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet