The Professional Rectifier series with possessing heavy duty power sources for critical welding in the workshop and all-weather field conditions. This machine is used in oil & gas industries, refinery, making metallic tanks, cars & ships industries, etc. The PARS-EL series have the ability of tuning static characteristic for different electrodes by adjusting Arc force potentiometer. PARS-EL is a three-phase electronic controlled machine. This system allows having a stabilized output current, easy striking and easy controlled molten puddle.


  • Continuous regulation of welding current, Adjustment can be made during welding
  • A stable, spatter-free arc and easily controlled molten puddle
  • Ability of MMA & TIG (LIFT) welding and gouging with ideal quality and selecting by multi-state switch (Pls. see the table)
  • Digital display of pre-set and real current (PARS EL 502P)
  • Changing electrical characteristic by adjustable “Arc force” for different electrodes (cellulosic, basic, rutile,…)
  • Constant welding current regardless of cable length, arc voltage, mains voltage variation
  • Excellent striking capabilities
  • Anti-stick system & Auto detect remote control
  • Indicator for overload protection and protection against short circuit
  • PCB protection against remote cable short circuit
  • Protection against all kinds of external noise
  • Multi-turn potentiometer for increasing of adjusting accuracy
  • Protected system of potentiometer against applying over torque
  • Lift arc system in TIG process with excellence as follows:
    High durability of electrode tip, prevent of molten puddle pollution, protection of torch & machine when short circuit in output, Excellent start process of TIG arc
  • High efficiency, high power factor, and low mains current
  • Excellent case protection against outsider agents and etc.

Accessories (Included)

  • Male cable connector

Optional Accessories

  • Earth clamp and cable, Electrode holder and cable
  • Air cooled TIG torch
  • Argon Regulator
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet