TYPE ELECTRONIC (Thyristor Controlled)

PARS CUT 150T is suitable to weld all metals like aluminium, stainless steel, steel and cutting thickness is max 40mm. High speed and quality of cutting with this machine is a response to the increasing demand of industry. A three phase supply and air with pressure 3 – 5 bar at 180-220 lit/min is sufficient for using the machine.


  • Excellent cutting quality due to stable current
  • Continuous control of current from 20-150A
  • Stable current and excellent cutting characteristic even changing cable length, moving the torch, fluctuation of main voltage of network and gas pressure
  • High speed cutting
  • Ability of adjustment of current cutting before cutting; using digital Ammeter (preset) and real current, after starting cutting, without using switch
  • Auto pilot facility for arc auto start in case of any gap in work piece
  • Auto HF system in order to increase electrode and nozzle life
  • Protection of machine and torch in case of mistake in inserting insulation of torch
  • Protection of machine and torch in case of any short circuit
    between electrode and nozzle during cutting
  • Protection against overload
  • Indicators of low Gas pressure, over load, tired nozzle and short circuit between electrode and nozzle


  • Manual Torch
  • Earth clamp with cable
  • Air regulator and filter

Optional Accessories

  • Automatic torch
  • Circle cutting
  • Torch carriage
  • Control pcb for attaching to CNC machine
  • Oil filter
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet