Canaweld multiprocess machines offer premium quality welding procedure, MIG/MAG, Flux cored, Gouging, Stick and TIG with “Lift” mode and represent the best solution for the most qualified welding applications in any industrial field requiring high precision and repeatability of the achieved results. Canaweld Multiprocess 6001 Series is ideal for anybody looking for an innovative, extra Heavy duty, modern and, at the same time, user-friendly equipment, more similar in the adjustments of the parameters to a traditional power source. Canaweld Multiprocess 6001 is supplied with a four-roll separate wire feeder.

Why Choose Canaweld’s Products?

  • Special designed for harsh conditions, hot and scorching climate.
  • Extra Heavy duty, Robust design and reliable.
  • High power at 100% Duty Cycle., tested in 104° and 140° Fahrenheit (40° and 60° Celsius)
  • Excellent design dynamic and static characteristic ensures welding quality, precise arc striking and high stable arc
  • Fully encapsulated PCB to avoid dust contaminations.
  • Stability of adjusted welding parameters due to network voltage fluctuation, increasing cable length or inexperienced welder
  • Electronic continuous control of Inductance
  • Excellent CC/CV characteristic insures high quality and trouble-free welding
  • Exceptional welding characteristics in MIG/MAG, Flux Coed, Gouging (6001 model), and MMA
  • Precise arc striking and high stable arc
  • User friendly and easy-to-use selection of the parameters
  • Ability of presetting welding parameters
  • Initial and final crater control
  • Low energy consumption
  • Metallic structure
  • Easy to read and adjust sloping front control panel, highly visible from any direction.
  • IP protection class and dust-proof electronic components, thanks to the innovative airflow ducting system.
  • 2/4 stroke operating mode
  • Current and voltage digital display
  • Heavy Duty Four roll Wire feeder, Metallic Chassis, high precision, ball bearings and quick exchanging rolls system
  • Less spatter in welding with Co2 gas due to advanced waveform control
  • Low welding distortion, pretty weld formation, High deposit rate
  • Digital display for accurate preset
  • Indicator for overload protection
  • Manufactured tested according to international standards IEC 60974-1 as well as Canadian Standards CSA.
  • Three years Warranty

Applications of Multiprocess 6001, The MIG Welder with separate wire feeder

  • Heavy Duty job shop fabrication
  • Shipyard
  • Sheet metal industries
  • Oil and Gas , refineries and Petrochemical industries
  • Machinery construction Plants
  • Machine and apparatus construction
  • Vehicle manufacturing industries
  • Railway Industries
  • Nuclear industries
  • Aerospace and Aeronautics industries
  • Food industries
  • Repair and overhaul
  • Workshops


  • Welding cable and ground clamp
  • Welding Torch

Optional Accessories

  • Regulator and gas heater
  • Cooling unit
  • Carriage type “BM”
  • TIG welding torch
  • Electrode holder and welding cable
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet