This machines are suitable for high quality welding of coated electrodes as Alkaline, Rutile, Cellulose (as option) and designed for working in heavy duty conditions specially hot climate. In addition, less energy consumption comparing to other machines in market and complying with IEC International and ISRI standards insures longer life and safety.


  • Ability of MMA & TIG DC welding with ideal quality (TIG Lift Mode as option)
  • Protection against short circuit and surge currents
  • Automatic control of cooling fan and operating only in overheating ensures long life for fan and prevents excess sediment of dust inside the machine
  • Very easy for transportation just with single person
  • Ability of adjustment very low current in TIG DC mode makes the machine ideal to weld even very thin materials
  • Designed especially for hot and heavy duty and hard conditions (It is possible welding 300A (in duty cycle 100%) while the temperature is 40 centigrade degree.)
  • A stable, spatter free arc and easily controlled molten pool
  • Digital display of preset and real current in welding processes
  • Adjusting “Arc force” to obtain the best welding quality with
    coated electrodes Alkaline, Rutile, Cellulose,… (option for Mobi EL Cell series)
  • Constant welding current regardless of cable length, arc voltage, mains voltage fluctuations
  • Equipped with Anti-stick system and excellent striking capabilities
  • Special patented gearbox for potentiometer (for Mobi El 5001)
  • Indicator for overload protection and against short circuit

Accessory (Included)

  • Male cable connector

Optional Accessories

  • Earth clamp and cable, Electrode holder and cable
  • Air cooled TIG torch
  • Argon Regulator
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet