MMA 201

This is one of the new MMA Welding Machine products of CANAWELD which is a North American Welding machine brands

The MMA 201 is the latest evolution in inverter technology, single phase DC welding machine. This 200 AMP heavy duty cycle power source is based on the latest generation IGBT’S. The combination of size, lightweight and user-friendly controls make it a perfect fit for both the shop & field welding professional.


  • Very easy arc striking, constant arc and very low electrical consumption.
  • High-frequency power INVERTER with the latest type of IGBTS.
  • Stability against welding current variations by using very long electric cables
  • Selector with 2 weld procedures:
    – Basic electrodes with “Hot Start” and “Arc Force” device
    – TIG welding with thermal controlled(TCS)“lift” type striking to minimizing tungsten inclusions and also capable of welding on sharp edges
  • Using switch knob instead of push button and extra life for input
  • Anti-electric shock system in output voltage circuit to protect welder against electric hazards
  • Using 35-50 mm2 welding connector ensures the cable of other welding machines be connected to the machine
  • Resistant against fluctuations and undesirable functional of old and inferior generator

Accessories (Included)

  • Belt
  • Electrode holder with cable and welding connectors
  • Earth clamp with cable and welding connectors
  • Bag for the machine and accessories

Optional Accessories

  • Air cooled TIG Torch
  • Gas regulator
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet