MEGA – 550S

Solar energy auto-darkening welding helmet is a set of spectral filtering technology, photoelectric inductive control technology, liquid crystal light control technology in one high-tech products. Auto darkening filter (ADF ) works with the photoelectric induction principle, which makes the liquid crystal change from the bright state into a dark state in receiving the arc light, and automatic back to dark state when welding is finished. thereby protecting the user’s eyes and face skin from the arc, splash and infrared / ultraviolet radiation.


  • By the lithium/alkaline battery and solar battery power supply, without replacement, long service life of 5000 hours, 15-20 minutes with automatic closing function, low voltage indication.
  • In the internal or external control knob, can be realized on the shading 9-13, sensitivity and delay time control, welding / grinding functions can be selected
  • Photoelectric sensor technology, high-quality dual LCD and filter, which provide the welder a clear field of view and effective protection, ultraviolet ray protection grade up to DIN16.
  • Two arc sensing probe, constantly sense arc induction in using, that enable the filter switch time reach 1/25000s from light to dark state, so as to protect the eyes from arc damage
  • Filter bright slate grade is DIN4, it takes 0.1-1.0s by preset from dark state to a bright state when arc disappear.
  • Normal operation temperature is from minus 5 degrees to 55 degrees broad scope of application, such as manual arc welding, gas shielded arc welding, argon arc welding and plasma cutting
  • Portable and balanced design, fully adjustable headgear, provides comfortable wearing and relieves fatigue.
  • Products meets the safety and technical standard of EN379. ANSI Z87. 1. CSAZ94.3