Powerful, compact and lightweight MATRIX 2200 AC/DC is the most innovative and technologically ahead single phase power source ever developed. The user-friendly and advanced function digital control ensures an extraordinary perfect stability of the welding parameters thus granting very high quality welding both in TIG and MMA. The ideal choice for all qualified welding applications and maintenance jobs, whenever power and portability are needed. It allows TIG DC welding of mild and stainless steel, copper and its alloys, and TIG AC welding of aluminium and its alloys included.


Innovative spot welding device to achieve precise and safe joining with a minimal thermal input. “Multi-coldTACK” function grants cold spotting in a rapid sequence, thus further widening the benefits of the single spot. Thanks to “Perfect-Point” function, coldTACK allows to obtain the most precise spot positioning.


DYNAMIC TIG – Square wave: high arc dynamics for all applications.
SOFT TIG – Sinusoidal wave: smoother and softer with reduced noise, ideal for medium thickness

SPEED TIG – Mixed wave: optimal penetration at high welding speed and low consumption of the electrode.
COLD TIG – Triangular wave: low heat transfer with reduced deformation, ideal for small thickness.
Possibility of independently adjust both current time and its amplitude while staying in either positive or negative polarity, by offering a perfect control of penetration and arc cleaning with a drastic reduction in lateral undercuts.

VRD Voltage Reduction Device
VRD device reduces the open circuit voltage to values below 12 V, by enabling the use of the machine in highly hazardous environments for the operator’s maximum safety.

PFC – Power Factor Correction (Cos f=1)
The wave shape of the current drawn from the mains is made sinusoidal by the PFC device with a consequent total lack of harmonic disturbances in the mains and consumption optimization, which enables to utilize the power source at full range on a 16 A fuse.


  • High duty cycle (40°C) 150 A @ 60% in MMA, 140 A @ 100% in TIG
  • Low energy consumption (-30%)
  • High reliability when used with generator sets
  • Suitable to be used with mains cable lengths over 100 m
  • Automatic compensation for mains voltage fluctuations within ±20%
  • Excellent welding characteristics in TIG and MMA with any type of electrodes, cellulosic included
  • Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter and Hold Function of the last read value
  • ENERGY SAVING function to operate the power source cooling fan and the torch water cooling only when necessary
  • 4 Pulse mode TIG: standard equipped with Slow, Fast and ULTRA FAST pulse mode (500 – 2000 Hz) and Synergic “SYN PULSE”
  • Possibility of memorizing welding parameters (9 JOBS/programs)
  • Use of up/down TIG torches will enable to adjust directly from the torch both welding parameters and memorized JOBS.

Accessories (Included)

  • Welding cable including earth clip
  • TIG torch

Optional Accessories

  • Electrode holder and welding cable
  • Argon regulator
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet