CDA 221

This is one of the new STUD Welding Machine products of CANAWELD which is a North American welding machine brands.

Stud Welding Unit For ARC stud welding and welding with Magnetic Rotating Arc according to current standards.

General Information

  • Especially suitable for thicker sheets of about 2 mm or higher
  • Especially suitable for welding of concrete anchors/shear connectors for job site applications
  • Suitable for through deck welding

Process Variants

  • Short cycle drawn arc welding
  • Drawn arc welding


  • Welding with ceramic ferrule (series)
  • Welding with shielding gas (series)


  • Microcontroller – for precise process times, optimal functional reliability and maximum operating convenience
  • Function monitoring – automatic function test following power-up; monitoring of all internal system functions
  • Lift test – for gap welding guns and stud welding heads
  • Library function – automatic specification of welding current and welding time through selection of stud diameter according to welding range; fine adjustment via arrow keys
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Mobile – highly mobile thanks to compact dimensions and low weight (50 % weight savings vis-à-vis conventional stud welding units)
  • Compact
  • Robust – metal housing withstands rough treatment in shop and on site


  • With integrated mains filter (protection against voltage peaks)
  • Optimal for construction sites with large mains voltage fluctuations – use even with critical voltage supply (- 10 % + 10 %)
  • Retriggering lock-out – prevents welding on a welding element that has already been set
  • Thermal monitoring of transformer – automatic shutdown in case of overheating
  • Temperature-regulated ventilator – reduces noise and dust in the stud welding unit (greater system reliability)
  • Control unit galvanically separated from welding lines – high degree of functional safety
  • Optimal protection against external interferences
  • EMC test
  • High-voltage test with log
  • IP-Code: IP 23
  • Also permits operation outdoors


  • Powerful – built-in power reserves
  • Trouble-free changing of welding voltage polarity possible by reconnecting welding current and ground cables
  • Outstanding welding quality – very high arc stability even at weak welding currents
  • High process flexibility – high clock frequency (30 kHz) of stud welding unit allows highly dynamic regulation of welding process
  • Display – infinitely adjustable power setting; easy monitoring of all functions via LED displays; easy operation via membrane keyboard and digital display; setting of welding parameters, programs, shielding gas (optional); digital display of current, welding and gas-preflow time; separate settings for welding current and welding time

Suitable Stud Welding Guns

  • A 12
  • A 16
  • A 22
  • A 25
  • AI 06

Optional Accessories

  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

A 22
Stud Welding Gun (damped) for ARC stud welding according to current standards

General Information

  • Especially suitable for thicker metal sheets from approx. 2 mm
  • Especially suitable for through deck welding
  • Automatic compensation of length tolerance of welding elements through integrated length adjustment

Process Variants

  • Drawn arc welding with ceramic ring



  • Rigid casing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Slide bearing for guiding the welding piston
  • Sealed welding piston guidance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact dimensions
  • Lift adjustment
  • Stud length freely adjustable
  • Mechanical structure tested in production
  • Reduced heating of the stud welding gun body thanks to externally positioned welding current cable


  • Lock-in lift adjustment
  • High level of security to prevent the selected settings being changed inadvertently
  • Guidance system protected against spatter


  • Individual adjustment options for optimum welding results
  • Reproducible piston movement with minimized rebound effect for optimum welding quality via lift damper
  • Optimum handling and fatigue-free operation
  • Welding on painted sheets possible (clean, smooth and flat surfaces and grounding required)
  • Ideal for high clock sequences with big diameters
  • Automatic length compensation
  • Damped plunging in the weld pool with installed oil damper