This machine is suitable for high quality MIG/MAG welding of Steels and Stainless steels and Aluminum wires as well as Flux cored wires.
Carry MIG series have been designed for hard condition in heavy duty industries specially hot climate. In addition, less energy consumption  comparing to other machines in market and complying with IEC   nternational Standards and ISIRI insures longer life and safety.


  • Advanced inverter technology using best quality materials insures high reliability
  • High duty cycle in hard conditions
  • Excellent CV characteristic in MIG/MAG and CC in MMA/TIG
  • Control of welding Parameters on wire feeder panel
  • Stability of welding parameters even at input voltage fluctuations
  • Electronic, continuous control of output inductance
  • Control of final welding operating welded point for shaping the endpoints and prevent a deep cavity or hole by Crater function
  • Arc Force current control
  • Ability to adjust welding current and voltage with display of real current & voltage during welding and after welding
  • HOLD Mode
  • Stable arc with low spatter
  • Excellent arc striking and possibility of soft start
  • Digital display of current-voltage , over heat and cooling unit errors
  • Weld ability with various electrodes in MMA mode includes alkaline, normal and cellulose
  • Reduce weight and dimensions due to the use of advanced inverter technology
  • The use of four roll wire feeder insures excellent and trouble free wire feeding
  • Manufactured and tested according to International Standards IEC, ISIRI
  • Service & warranty

Optional Accessories

  • Air cooled or water cooled Torch
  • Regulator and gas heater
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
  • Cooling Unit
  • Carriage Type “BM”


  • Welding Cable including Earth Clamp

Features of PARS FEED 4520C

  • Setting of all welding parameters (voltage, speed, wire test, gas test)
    by wire feeder and near to the work piece
  • Heavy duty and strong metallic plate insures reliability during feeding of wire
  • Four rolls and a powerful motor insure trouble free wire feeding
  • Suitable for solid, flux cored, aluminum and stainless steel wires
  • High speed up to 20 m/min
  • Control of wire speed by feedback and brake
  • Gas test and wire insertion button
  • 2 stroke / 4 stroke
  • Ability to adjust welding voltage with display of real current & voltage during welding and after welding
  • HOLD Mode