Nowadays electronic knowledge serves to design and production of welding machine that by using it, we can produce the machine with better quality, smaller and lower weight that can use lower energy. One of the important advantages of the inverter machine is designing technical knowledge and high-quality material for long usage, so due to this matter after years of hard work now rectifiers have been produced that have the ability of welding variety of electrodes (basic, rutile, cellulosic,. . . ) work in hard situation and different weather and by using less energy and high welding quality can be superior to other similar machines, it also can have the best welding quality with alternative input voltage. As the machines testing process is according to latest European and German standards via computer, so users can get the best quality warranty.


  • Reduced electricity consumption
  • Ability to work within the wide range of input voltage
  • Equipped with the PWM advanced technology and using latest power IGBT, Germany made, according to international standards
  • Protection against over current, over voltage, under voltage and over heating
  • Resistant against fluctuations and undesirable functional of old and inferior generator (Carry – EL G type)
  • This machine not impact on the performance of the generator and it is compatible with any type of generators (Carry – EL G type)
  • Power generator adapted
  • Protection against short circuit and surge currents
  • Protection of PCB, Diode, IGBT against all kinds of external noise that is providing long-term usage of Machine
  • Protecting user against electric shock according to IEC standard
  • Automatic control of cooling fan as just in case of overheating switches on so prevents fan failure and excess sediment of dust inside the machine
  • Less wasting the power during no load state and decreasing electricity consumption cost
  • Very simple transportation on its wheels by one person or lifting by two person due to low weight
  • Possibility of welding with 8A as output current
  • Possibility of applying the machines in hard climate conditions due to very high Duty Cycle (400A, 100% at 40˚c)
  • Continuous regulation of welding current. Adjustment can be made during welding
  • A stable, spatter free arc and easily controlled molten puddle
  • Ability of MMA & TIG welding and gouging with ideal quality through 3-state switch
  • Digital display of preset and real current in both welding and cutting processes
  • Adjusting ‘Arc force’ through the potentiometer on front panel for applying different electrodes (cellulosic, basic, rutile,…)
  • Constant welding current regardless of cable length, arc voltage, mains voltage variation
  • Excellent striking capabilities
  • Equipped with Anti-stick system
  • Auto detect remote control system
  • Indicator for overload protection and protection against short circuit
  • Equipped with special gearbox with potentiometer for adjusting the welding current accurately and protecting of potentiometer against applying over torque.
  • High durability of electrode tip ensures ARC stability and making excellent ARC ignition by the time of lift in TIG-DC Process that prevent of molten puddle pollution, as well protection of torch & machine when occur short circuit in output

Accessories (Included)

  • Male cable connector

Optional Accessories

  • Earth clamp and cable, Electrode holder and cable
  • Air cooled TIG torch
  • Argon Regulator
  • Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet